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All The Demons Are Here by Jake Tapper

Do the demons and the evils of the Seventies still alive today in our society and our politics? Perhaps that is the message behind this thriller, that the government shadiness and conspiracies of the Seventies are still active in the Twenties (1920s / '20s)-the wildest and most troubles eras of our time, making it fit to say, "Hell is empty, and all demons are here…or Demons never left the Seventies or the Earth for that matter! History unlearned, but repeated…the QAnon political conspiracy of today is like the cult of the Seventies, or the killing of black people and the birth of BLM movement, the Civil Rights attack, and the attack on democracy on Jan 6th, 2021; and the deepfake news are worse than the serial killers and the UFOs, and the tabloids of the Seventies, or are not?

"All The Demons Are Here" is a master craft of the past woven in the present, exploring societal socio-political unrest, as the characters amplify how the bad, and the ugly are relived; the power influence and social and political conspiracies of the Seventies carried on in the present…

The author cleverly highlights the troubles of the Seventies are still the troubles of the Twenties, "The worlds are not full of compromises and bad choices, but danger" …This quote fits into the time, the places, the people, and the events when crafting nonfiction into fiction to create a masterpiece of art that is indeed thrilling every step of the way as you turn the pages.

For me, Lucy (the Journalist) and Ashley's conversation on chapter four, or Lucy and her mother throughout the book, stood out and touched my periphery of imagination…my knowledge of the US society in the Seventies is limited. Still, the depiction of the characters in the book augmented the scope of the familiar events of the Twenties. History repeating itself over and again is what the author cleverly brought the characters and the events of the Seventies to life for readers to revisit and reevaluate the parallel of the time and place in history.


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