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Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbwe

This book will make you laugh, think, and see your life reflected in Jende and Neni, the main character’s depicted experiences, regardless of whether you are an immigrant or not…It's a powerful book written from the point of view of immigrants navigating life in the US, the immigration system, the job opportunities and ups and downs that come with it, and the struggle to make it in the US. For that, the author gave all the readers something relatable: marriage, money and class, race, and life in the Big Apple, both for Haves and Have-nots, for the immigrants and non-immigrants. As you turn the pages, you will notice when aspiration falls into desperation, the truth turns to deception, and reality becomes elusive. The books bring up this life of ours-for some is a life of style and class; for others is a life of struggle to find your place in a complex society.

Behold the Dreamers is written and read in an exceptionally comical and clever way to entertain while telling touching stories of people's encounters in places they go and love-American stories of immigrants and the immigration system that scorned them and kept them stranded, broken, and poor for years to either find their place or leave the American dream dream.


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