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Review the Dos and Don’ts of a Voter!

The Dos:

· Know why your vote matters in this election and cast your vote.

· Already registered to vote and meet all the voter ID requirement-what you need to bring to vote-photo ID vs. Non-photo ID, know your polling Station, familiarize with voting procedures and rules, types of voting-early voting, in-person voting, Vote in other Language, and voters registration deadlines.

· Check or update your Voter Registration-Check names and address-how, when, and why to avoid anything that may jeopardize you voting rights and ultimately your vote.

· Decide whom to vote for-research you candidate to know what they stand for (their positions on the issues) so that you can evaluate good and right candidate to vote for. Who is likely to unite us, than to divide us. Who is likely to bring opportunities you can be part of it-opportunities that impact and improve your livelihood.

· Vote for candidates that support issues that matters to you, issues that are the reason for your struggle with housing, education, Health Care, Discrimination in the workplace (equal pay and pay increase), violence against women (sexual abuse and gender bias). In doing so, you are demanding solutions; you are using your voting power to change the status quo that neither represents you nor working for you-your ideas and values.

The Don’ts:

· Don’t register to vote and not vote.

· Don’t say you are undecided-make decision to vote.

· Don't give any excuse-Like I am too busy; I have no time, Lines are too long, Polling Stations are too far, I don't have a proper or Qualifying ID. When you don't vote you lower or limit the chances of improving the issues that are at stake in every election, issues that affect your daily livelihood. When you don't vote, your problems remain unsolved and may get worse.

· Don’t know the issues? Use all the means at your disposal to find out what the candidates stand for-check their websites, their social medias pages-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, ask your co-worker, your friends, your neighbor; use your Smart Phone to ask questions and find answers-ask, Siri or Alexa!

· Don’t waste your Right nor your Vote.

In the end, on Nov. 6th, 2018 election, all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the US Senate will be in contests. For Donald J. Trump administration, this midterm election is the vote of Confidence or No-Confidence on his leadership and the direction he is taking this nation.

For you, us, we the people, is how you or we want to be governed and treated. This election is upon us to weigh the pros and cons of Donald J. Trump’s leadership and exercise our right and duty towards shaping the direction of the country.

If you feel you are not treated equal, it should remind you about-are you a slave or a citizen? It should tell you about your right to vote and be represented rightfully. Just as people from the time immemorial have rejected the government that control its people by divisiveness policies, by instilling fears on its people, and by violating the basic civil and human rights-people were and are still inspired by the ideas about the rights of man with this powerful words Thomas Jefferson wrote on the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that "All men are created equal” that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

We have, therefore, come too far to give up our Rights or to be denied our Rights and who we are as Americans. As a democratic government, let us all come together and vote our voices! The people collective power brings change-election gives power to the people. People have fought for the right to vote, don’t waste your right nor your vote.


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