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Everything All at Once: A Memoir by Stephanie Catudal

The quote, "This is not how he dies," drew my attention and became the central focus while reading this book narrative… more importantly, the author's first impression became the last impression, a delight for the readers.

Steph and her husband Rivs captured the art of grief and loss but also the never-ending enduring, courage, and the reward of second chances. The feeling that death is more accessible than life but is the most extended art of grieving sorrow and unforgettable experiences for those confronting the death of someone, particularly of loved ones, just like Steph witnessed her father getting terminal illness (cancer) and dying leaving her mother and the entire family shaken by it. That was before her life replicated that of her mother, who endured the terminal illness and the death of her husband and father to Steph, but now it was Steph going through the same agony of caring for her ill husband, Rivs.

But hope and miracle can renew life, replenishing lost faith and hope, "This is not how he dies" …

"Everything All at Once" will take you through a roller-coaster of intense emotions, but a las, a birth of renewed faith and hope…a second chance of life delivered! Eighty-four days of a medically induced coma at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic will shake anyone's soul. When you face immense grief, fear, or indefinite challenges, you grow wary and lose faith; even hope is shaken. Caring for the ills and confronting death-the, agony, and the fear of unknowns becomes intense with immense despair that proves that we cannot run away from life or death…the fragility and confrontation of life and death, the mourning before death is a space between living and dying, thus life and death are not apart; grief and sorrow, hope and despair, all well woven in "Everything All at Once" to remind the readers that no matter how broken the soul can be, it can be mended and restored.

Steph shows the readers what sorrow, grief, and redemption look like as she navigates the unthinkable experience of her father's death and her husband's near death from cancer, the ill that shake every human's soul…


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