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Proof that Youth Leadership Matters!

On March 24th, 2018 the world witnessed our youth’s organized marches-March For Our Lives rallies for common sense gun safety laws unfolding across the cities of America-from the nation’s capital, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, to Parkland Florida; and around the world-inLondon, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Tokyo, Sidney, Berlin and many other cities. It was a phenomenon, many people turned out, in Washington DC the crowd was over 800,000 people. Their messages and their voices were engaging and powerful. The youth aired their griefs, their frustrations and their tiredness of senseless guns violence that our society had become so accustomed to, that the adults in power lost the integrity and the moral authority to stop such violence from continuing to happen.

In loud and clear voices, they demanded change, “We cannot keep America great if we cannot keep America safe.” They make it clear that their rights to live supersedes the rights to guns! It was a historical event-a beginning of a beautiful lifelong story yet to be told! All students want to go to school with their minds thinking about learning not with their minds worrying whether they will be safe in school. Likewise, parents want to send their children to schools not worrying whether their children will return home safely!

We all calling for safer schools and communities; and now, our children are leading the way-unwavering support, mentoring and empowering youth leadership will bring the changes we want to see in our schools and in the communities.

“The world around us really belongs to youth, for youth will take over its future management. Our children must never lose their zeal for building a better world. They must not be discouraged from aspiring towards greatness for they are to be the leaders of tomorrow.” ~ Mary McLeod Bethune~


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