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What I am Reading this Spring

Just Finished Reading this Book: The Light We Give: How Sikh Wisdom Can Transform Your Life, by Samran Jeet Singh

The book embodies the spirit of resilience and persistence in defining who we are. Still, more so, it's a personal story that resonates and touches the lives of many, especially those who might not resemble, speak, or behave following the society they found themselves in.

In a humble and human tone, the author showed us how to respond to certain challenging situations motivated by racial tensions and biases when encountering them, but more than that, the reader will learn the art of understanding others: perceptions and perspectives we render to one another and best ways to stand your ground with integrity, civility, and humility…Decency is the overall takeaway from the book-A story of humanity, humility, and civility is woven into the pages of this book, leading readers into the path of finding self, building confidence, and helping others while balancing the fulfillment of life through religion-Sikh teachings on love and service. Thus, how to overcome racism, discrimination, and mistreatment and to rise above the low lessness of others. Whereas you might be marginalized, targeted, and face unjust treatment, this book will enlighten you-it did to me and give me a different reason to rethink my situation and things I encounter more objectively than subjectively…

If you like to read books, add this book to your list of readings and please share your thoughts when you get a chance to read it!


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