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Who is Made In America?

For many years, America enjoyed being viewed and admired by many countries as a place where the dreams of freedom, opportunity, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to mention but few can be possible and /or achievable. As such, one may think that America’s greatness is rooted from within its own making, and perhaps one may even claim that America is anointed and more blessed by the Creator for its greatness than other nations in the world!

It seems to me that in recent years, the notion of America as the great has gotten into some peoples’ mind that America exists as a gifted nation, or because if its own rights and merits; but it has always been that America’s greatness is a result of different people who came from all corners of the globe and with their uniqueness, talents, creativity, intellect, culture, and aspiration to live together in the mankind society-society that they can build success and live not only in unity but also in harmony!

“America is a nation of nations, made up of people from every land, of every race and practicing every faith. Our diversity is not a source of weakness; it is a source of strength, it is a source of success.” ~U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

Appealing to all mankind, the Declaration of Independence passage opens with perhaps the most important line in the document, “ We hold these Truth to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That, to secure these rights Governments are instituted among Men deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed”. Thus, we are created equal, as defined by our natural rights; and so, no one has rights superior to those of anyone else. We are born with those rights, we do not get them from the government. With this philosophical principle understanding, the current president of the United State of America Mr. Trump had defied the moral vision of the founders-the method by which we justify and maintain peace and our political order. With his recent despicable comments about nations with people of color (Haiti and African Nations as “shithole” nations), he violated the cardinal moral truth of the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution of the United State of America. No nation on earth is 100% independent in satisfying all its needs by itself.

Nations are interdependent of one another-we are integrated nations politically, economically, socially, culturally-tied, and so forth. So, when President Trump speaks of America as if it’s an island that emerged and surfaced by its own will, power, or ability, so much so that it is now America First, it intrigues you to want to ask who is made in America, and so can make a claim, America First? The 21st-century generation is tuned and geared towards unity not separation, building bridges, not walls!

The success of America has been a result of many things, but the most powerful force of its greatness emerges and depends upon the diversity of its people, and of course, the vision of the nation’s founding fathers in establishing a government of the people, by the people, and for the people!

America is the nation of immigrants. Whether you migrated to America in 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th 19th, and or 20th centuries, all people migrated with the same mission and purpose-to seek better life and freedom! Realizing how themselves migrated to this country, the founding fathers put together a system that will build a cohesive nation of united people with common values that defend and protectant liberty and justice for all without fear of racial discrimination or cultural biases.

America’s founders established a society that would embrace diversity and celebrate the differences that various cultures would bring to America. And because America is made up of this rich heritage of many cultures, religions, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, there are core of values that are shared by all; such shared values have contributed tremendously to the fabric and strength of this nation and its people, and the efforts in reaching out and finding common ground from within and in ourselves as we share cultures and experiences from other people of other nationalities. Such shared values include freedom of education regardless of your gender, freedom of religion, freedom of family make-up, freedom of languages, to mention few.

As people and as Americans, we are better when we all see one another as we see ourselves, we are better when we all understand one another, we are better when we all work together; and yes, we are better when we all learn together and listen to each other! When we embrace our human differences, it plays an important role in understanding one another’s culture and what makes him/her the person he/she is.

American people have always and should continue to stand in solidarity to defend and protect its heritage-the values that define America!

The current U.S. administration has caused a tremendous great deal of emotions among many people in our communities and within the international communities. Let us not allow an individual person to destroy the progress that America has enjoyed side by side with one another, and with many nations. When we allow poor and irresponsible leadership we are jeopardizing the progress and success that has been built by many and with many sacrifices that cannot be replaced!

The recent despicable comments by President Trump about countries like Haiti and African nations by calling them “shithole” countries deserve strong condemnation by all people-local and international. The civilized people and nations of all four corners of the earth!

The position he holds as a President of the highest office of the land needs to be respected and protected. First and foremost, the respect should from the leadership, from the person who holds such office. Using the office of the presidency disrespectfully is irresponsible leadership.

If you disrespect the highest office of the land, people will be disrespect you too, but if you command wisely, you will not only be obeyed cheerfully but also you will be highly respected. A leader of any nation has a great responsibility that is bestowed to him or her by the people who put him/her in power and using the power of the presidency to abuse others in words or deeds it’s not a leadership! I happen to be a person from one of the beautiful nations of Africa, the Republic of Tanzania, and you bet, I am angry, sad, and disappointed by President Trump’s despicable comments calling African nations “shithole”!!! I don’t get this, I don’t understand him! Help me, please!

We the public know the importance of responsibility, and any adult knows the importance of responsibilities we hold to ourselves, for our children, and for one another! It may not always work out the way we plan, but we know the limit of acceptable and unacceptable, good and bad so that we don’t cross the line!

When you are a leader, that responsibility becomes your daily breath, which is to create an atmosphere of respect and trust, of unity and harmony! In contrary, Mr. Trump defies the conventional wisdom of the office of the presidency to the highest level using the office of the presidency to fuel anger, to cause uneasiness and unfair criticisms, create the unsafe environment in many places from schools, homes, and in the communities-local and international! Just because he is in America and he can talk “shit” it doesn’t make it easy for Americans who live and work outside America’s boundaries!

Not long ago Americans were targeted all over the world and were disliked more than any other group of people/nations in the world until former president Barack Obama rectified and reversed that situation. And while he was doing the “serving America image” abroad, he was criticized by the current ruling party/administration as 'shaming America', how ironic that was and with what has been happening since Mr. Trump took the office of president!!!! It seems like some Americans including Mr. Trump have forgotten that. Have we not witnessed or heard enough of shameful comments and acts for the past two years?

No country big or small live in isolation and or can satisfy its own needs. Countries are interdependent-they depend on one another in so many ways! And those Americans who think America is the great nation that doesn’t depend on other nations, they need to get out their shells and get out to see the world, or better go back to school to learn a bit more! Knowledge emancipates!

More than ever before, we must stand up and reiterate the American values that are foundational to our American democracy and the system that has made this nation a great nation that other nations have taken the opportunity to follow and build on their own strength.

It is easy to get consumed with anger, frustration, and uncertainty, but instead, more than ever before, it’s time to say enough is enough, raise up and speak up, and act upon things that make America the great nation it has been for many years. Let us not forget how the nation come to be today! And let us not let America fall apart! Let us not pretend to forget, why immigrants came and will continue to come and settle in America.

The immigrants come because they are the one who made America we live today!

“They have come from all over the world. Their faces have changed, not their reasons: the flight from poverty, persecution, war. Drawn by the shimmering promise of America, immigrants have been coming since America’s beginning, for a better life, for their very survival. Whole communities transplanted themselves in search of liberty and land. They reached for a future denied from at home. America meant opportunity as it still does today.” ~The Golden Door.

The immigrants come because they are looking for a place they can feel safe and free to believe what they want to believe!

“Persecuted for their religious beliefs, a long line of men and women have taken refuge in America ever since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. From the Anabaptists fleeing Switzerland and Germany in the 18th century to the Hasidic Jews fleeing Eastern Europe after World War II to the Tibetans who come today, their numbers have been small, but they have always come bearing witness to the idea of America as a haven for immigrants in search of religious freedom”. ~The Earth is the Lord.

The immigrants come because they are oppressed and feel unsafe in their homeland.

“America, governed under the freedoms established by the Constitution, has been a sanctuary for people fleeing oppression. Dissidents, troublemakers, radicals, they have been labeled many things. They are those who have taken a stand against tyranny and injustice; those who have spoken out against inequality, often in the face of intimidation. Barred from their homelands as enemies of the state, they have come to America-a haven where their voices will not be silenced.” ~ Chuck Willa-Destination America.

The immigrants come because they want to be free, they want to seek opportunity for prosperity that is not found in their homeland.

“America has appeared to people everywhere as a promised land, a destination of vast possibilities. From the beginning, most immigrants have come looking for a better life for themselves and their families. For some, like the 19th century Norwegians, America meant opportunity. For others, like the famine Irish, it meant survival. For Mexicans, it has been both. America is a country founded and built by immigrants, a place where they found the livelihood denied them at home.” ~The Golden Door.

The immigrants come to seek freedom from fear of war, natural disaster, political instability, or violence that threaten their livelihood.

“As of 2005, 20 million people, nearly one out of every 300, cannot go home. They are refugees: victims of war or revolution, targets of an ethnic or religious genocide. In the aftermath of World War II, U.S. immigration policy first granted refugees special status, acknowledging a distinction between immigrants seeking economic betterment and those fleeing violence or prosecution. Since then, 4 million refugees have come to America in search of safety.” ~Chuck Wills-Destination America.

And some immigrants come to America for the opportunity to become and or to create what American can only offer—the opportunities and possibilities that can only be found in a free society which America is.

“Creative spirit has come to America from all over the world. Drawn to the possibilities of a free society, they have flourished in the creative openness of America. However, the United States has not always been a destination for creative minds; not until the 20th century, when writers, artists, and scientists, persecuted by Fascist regimes in German and Italy, had only one hope: flight. Their books were burned, their lives threatened, and America was waiting.” ~The Art of Departure.

In conclusion therefore, in this time of difficult challenges within American ‘politics-parties’ ideology, beliefs and or ideas that some harbors and feel the need to exercise or push forward their divisive agenda at the expense of all the Americans and the democracy they have fought for and defended fiercely have the responsibility to answer this question, “how United State come to be, how the nation has become what it is today, the world’s foremost multicultural society”.

Once again, our leaders need to be mindful not to incite anger, frustrations, and chaos on its people with the intention to separate, humiliate, dehumanize, and the unwillingness to see the value of diversity, and what diversity has done to America!

Where our leaders failed to educate us, let us choose to educate ourselves, let us choose to become a positive force that defends, protects and inspires, not a negative force that cause, anger, fear, despair and hatred; let choose to unite, not to divide because, “Diversity in America not only represents a host of an intimate snapshot of culture and heritage but document the struggles of nationalities to integrate into the “Melting Pot” society of America and highlights the strength and integrity of various cultural leaders and thinkers.” And, without this rich mixture of races, cultures, and religions, America would not be the nation that it is today, founded on the beliefs that freedom and equality is the right that should be enjoyed by all Americans whereby intense different cultures not only coexist peacefully but also thrive to become America the great nation of all.


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