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 Could you imagine civilization without books? Whatever version of civilization one holds, books open doors for it! "Value ideas and discoveries throughout our history have been recorded in books. Using information from books, schools and scientists have explored and expanded almost every subject known to us. Without books there would be no modern medicine, no modern science or technology, no television, no space flights to the moon, no teachers, and no schools. In short, without books, life as we know it would not be possible." (The New Book of Knowledge 2-B). 


It is reasonable to conclude that books are knowledge. Those seeking to ban books in schools deny students learning, understanding, and gaining a broad spectrum of knowledge. There is a growing sentiment and urge to censor books in schools. 

What is not clear is what we are against! Are we against modern books or books written by minority authors i.e., people of color and LGBTQ? 

Make no mistakes; books instill knowledge…they depict problems and possible solutions. Being afraid to read a book deprives the ability to knowledge, is surrendering to primitive era of limited knowledge and ignorance. Read banned books and they will expand your knowledge horizon. 

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